Pushing Back The Darkness

Pushing Back The Darkness

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In “Pushing back the darkness” Nothemba Kula takes readers through her personal journey of refusing to accept the unacceptable. She speaks specifically to those who are tired of being taken advantage of. Nothemba empowers readers with the language and skills necessary to draw the line when they have come to the place where enough is enough. Nothemba talks about her own childhood trauma and the difficulties of navigating societal expectations, the pressure that comes with success and empire building , relationships, gender stereotypes and the messiness of ministry. Firmly anchored in the word of God, this book is an essential tool for anyone who is tired of saying yes when they mean no. In a world where people are manipulated and taken advantage of – this is a must read book that will empower readers to know where to draw the line. As an added bonus, the book also includes a compendium of powerful prayer declarations that assert God’s promises for our lives. These prayers will build a militant and uncompromising faith that will enable readers to live a bold and courageous life, without apology

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4 reviews for Pushing Back The Darkness

  1. Charles Finney

    This book is amazing thanks Mum for availing it.

  2. Charles Finney

    This book is a great one,thanks for availing it

  3. Charles Finney

    You’re my best author

  4. Rebecca

    We thank God for using you to deliver this beautiful project. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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