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Who We Are

KDI is a collaborative space for improving partnership and collaboration between Faith Based organizations (FBOs) in Southern Africa. We facilitate partnerships between FBOs to broaden their reach and amplify their impact by focusing on what can be achieved collectively rather than individually.

We implement programs that focus on developing the Kingdom of God to complement the work within local church sphere.  We train and build the capacity of local churches in the areas of Prayer and Intercession, Leadership Development as well as Kingdom business and marketplace development. We provide networking platforms to assist Faith Based Organizations to be relevant to and to serve the communities in which they exist.  We link churches together and create opportunities for them to collaborate and to partner beyond the work they do in their individual churches.

Our Core Values


KDI only partners with organizations and individuals who are willing to form long term meaningful relationships. Our vision is to build kingdom relationships and partnerships that go beyond receiving funding in order to build cohesion and improve collaboration in the body of Christ


KDI only focuses on and supports initiatives that are collaborative and not comppartnership etitive in nature. By definition, these are initiatives that are implemented in by more than one organization for the benefit of the community at large


KDI only considers projects that are demand driven, where partners show passion and initiative and are willing to drive the partnership and demonstrate leadership.


KDI supports innovative approaches that do not repeat what is already being done. We have a strong preference for initiatives that address and solve unaddressed gaps.


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