Our Programs

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[/heading][vc_column_text]KDI primarily provides funding and other support for projects in five funding streams;


Kingdom Health (community health and wellness)

This focuses on provision and extension of primary healthcare services particularly in underserved areas where services may not be easily accessible or where they are not adequately available.

Kingdom Arts (music/dance/drama)

This is mainly focused on improvement of the quality of music, dance, and drama for the benefit of the broader community. The K-Arts program currently supports Gospel music awards in the Western Cape as well as an interdenominational choir (Highest Praise) based in Cape Town.

Kingdom Leadership (leadership development)

We run a leadership development program under our “I am Pregnant” leadership series. The leadership series is based on the book by Dr. Dumani Kula (iam-pregnant.co.za) which extracts life, leadership and business principles from the phenomenal journey of pregnancy. A series of lectures and leadership training courses are under development and information on how to book these courses for your organization can be accessed from the I am pregnant website.

Kingdom Families (relationship and family enrichment)

KDI runs marriage and family enrichment seminars aimed at empowering individuals and families to deepen family relationships.